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Our Origins

About h3 Pyramid

With more than 12 years in the making, we’ve developed the newest advancement in equine assisted psychotherapy.  Developed out of necessity, it was created out of a need for an equine model that could meet the needs of both short-term and long-term treatment goals of teens in residential care.

What was discovered is the intersection between horsemanship and mental health.  A model that values the relationship between client and horse.

The h3 Pyramid is a model in which the client and horse both benefit and grow.  The horse and the client’s needs create a natural therapeutic relationship; a relationship with natural systemic principles for growth and change.    

Our Story

Dr Tingey – “Mike Randall and I started working with adolescents in providing equine therapy in 2005.  This was my introduction to equine therapy.  My initial experience using horses for therapeutic growth spoke to my heart.

I saw the clients I was working with come alive.  I can remember my first equine session.  I had been working with a young man for about 6 months and he was extremely resistant to traditional talk therapy.  I learned more about this young man in 30 minutes of working with a horse than I had learned in 6 months of talk therapy.  His guard came down, authenticity surfaced, and he started to take ownership for his treatment.

As the years of experience with equine therapy unfolded, the relationship between human-horse thrived.  The clients’ I was working with craved and asserted themselves into a naturally attuned relationship with their assigned horse.  The client’s natural instincts to approach the horse based on the horse’s needs came instinctual and provided the client with a valued role in the human-horse relationship.

The more the client was able to teach and build within the horse internal resources, the client’s internal resources grew.  The result was dignity in working through pain within a corrective human-horse relationship.  This was the start of the building of the h3 pyramid model.  Mike and I worked closely to operationalize the horsemanship, human-horse relationship model of equine therapy.”

Our Services

Beyond our Certified Equine Therapy Training for behavioral health professionals, therapists, and programs – we also provide life-changing learning experiences for corporate retreats, educators, church groups, life coaches, and customized workshops for specialized needs.

You’ll be amazed at what can be learned about human behavior, leadership, motivation and overcoming obstacles through the H3 Equine Therapy Model.

Give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you make your next retreat, group activity, leadership event, a productive, valuable and memorable one.

Corporate Services

Experiential leadership training for businesses and corporate groups.


Skills to enhance the leaning environment for student and teacher.

Church Groups

Experiential group activities based on key guiding principles to life’s meaning.

Life Coaches

Training to enhance life-coaching sessions – a resource for specific goal-directed behaviors.

Workshop Specific Trainings

Workshops designed around your specific topic, tailored to your needs, group, and goals.

Important Statistics

We’ve spent many years developing and proving the h3 model.  During that time we’ve been privileged to work with clients, therapists, practices, and people from all walks of life, and from all around the world.  We’re extremely grateful for those who’ve helped us prove, improve, discover and document the newest advancement in equine therapy – the advanced, proven, and evidence-based h3 pyramid model.

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