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What’s Behind the Name?

What's Behind the Name?

There are three important relationships within the h3pyramid model of equine therapy.  These three central relationships are: Horse, Human, and Horsemanship. These 3 H’s make up the three points on the pyramid.  

The Pyramid also represents an important tool that integrates the three points in the treatment process and skills.  Since all work is to benefit the horse and human, the process is supported through what we call the FOUNDATION PYRAMID.

The foundation pyramid provides structure to the treatment process and the needed structures to integrate the horse, human, and horsemanship relationship. 

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We are proud to invite you to be a part of a new advancement in equine assisted psychotherapy. H3 is a new model for equine therapy and is over 12 years in the making. It was developed out of necessity. Specifically, it was developed out of a need for an equine model that could meet the needs of both short term and long-term treatment goals of teens in residential care.  What was discovered was the intersection between horsemanship and mental health.