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Dr. Ryan Tingey, PhD, LCSW


Dr. Ryan Tingey, Ph.D., LCSW received his master’s degree from Loma Linda University and his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. Dr. Tingey’s clinical experiences include working in County Mental Health and in Adolescent Residential Treatment. His diversity in treatment experiences includes being a primary therapist, clinical director, and program director. Dr. Tingey specializes in identity needs of adolescents dealing with addictive behaviors, mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, and attachment.

Mike Randall - Equine Therapy Training

Mike Randall, Co-Founder


My journey with horses helping humans started when I was a child. In the late 1970s my parents were going through a divorce and as the oldest of three children I was caught in the middle. I discovered that being around horses was a way for me to cope, to find relief from the hard parts of life. As an adult, I took up professional horse training and started using my own experiences with horses to help others.

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