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Evidence Based Treatment

There are a number of empirically supported treatments that integrate with H3

Evidence Based Treatment (Practice): Evidence based practices are treatments that integrate professional research, clinical expertise, and the client’s values and preferences to achieve the best outcome. Evidence based treatment is anchored in the best scientific evidence. Techniques as well as psychological approaches are evidenced based too. Evidence based treatment and their related principles as well as the techniques are integrated within the H3 Pyramid Model. It is here that H3 identifies as an evidenced based treatment model.

Some commonly used empirically supported approaches for the treatment through the H3 Pyramid model include: (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (ACT) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, (DBT) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, (ABA) Applied Behavioral Analysis, (MBSR) Mindfulness-based stress reduction, and (MBCT) Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

Principles and techniques of evidence based-treatment are a foundation within the H3 model. The foundation is formed through the integration of professional research, clinical expertise, the client’s values and preferences, and the therapeutic alliance for optimum outcome.

The strength of the foundation comes from key relationship principles between human and horse. Therefore, H3 embraces clinical-outcome-research that has consistently indicated that the client and therapist relationship account for 60% of positive treatment outcomes.

Best Available Evidence

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