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Beyond our Certified Equine Therapy Training for behavioral health professionals, therapists, and programs – we also provide life-changing learning experiences for corporate retreats, educators, church groups, life coaches, and customized workshops for specialized needs.

You’ll be amazed at what can be learned about human behavior, leadership, motivation and overcoming obstacles through the H3 Equine Therapy Model.

Give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you make your next retreat, group activity, leadership event, a productive, valuable and memorable one.

Corporate Services

Experiential leadership trainings focus on key horsemanship principles and the human-horse relationship to teach important managerial, leadership, and organizational skills.

The h3 model will provide you with key principles to build internal motivation over fear-based principles that inhibit productivity and creativity.

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The h3 model can provide teachers and the school with a researched-based model to build a trauma-informed environment.

Horsemanship principles and the human-horse relationship will teach key researched based skills to enhance the learning environment for student and teacher.

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Church Groups

A shared group experience with the horse will provide a lasting impression which the group will reflect upon for years to come.

Experiential church group activities will teach and touch upon key guiding principles to life’s meaning. h3 model is a principle-based model that will provide tangible applications to daily life and relationships.

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Life Coaches

Experiential trainings will help you apply the h3 model to enhance coaching sessions.

Horsemanship principles and the human-horse relationship will provide an experiential avenue for your clients to internalize principles that will be a resource for specific goal-directed behaviors.

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Workshop Specific Trainings

Specially designed workshops are available through h3 pyramid.

Some specialization workshops have been designed around such needed topics: understanding non-verbal behavior, problem-solving, finding internal resources, building confidence, proactive parenting, and many more.

The h3 pyramid can also be a great resource for riding groups, associations, or clubs that are looking to enhance the human/horse relationship.

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Approved CEU's

As a mental health professional, we understand that you are busy and your caseload often makes it difficult or inconvenient to earn the CE credits required to renew your license.

We provide CEU specific training that is not only approved but is very interesting, informative, valuable to your practice, and very fun.



  • I have found that having equine therapy as part of our program has been one of the most effective tools we have in helping residents understand how their behavior effects their environment. It teaches them to understand that what they do matters.

    Lane Shepherd - Red Circle Lodge
    Senior Executive Officer, Therapist
  • I love that the h3 model allows a therapeutic process to take place that truly allows the client to work towards a goal that benefits them and the horse. h3 is setting a new standard in the equine assisted therapy world.

    Ty Holland
  • h3 was instrumental in helping so many of my clients look deeper into the relationship they had with the world around them. h3 helped bring out issues our clients often didn’t realize they were dealing with.

    Travis Ashby
  • I used the h3 model for one year and it turned out to be a life changing experience for me. With the help of Mike Randall and Ryan Tingey I am know living a healthy successful life doing what I love, training horses in Texas.

    Mark Rashall
  • I have had the opportunity to have Mike Randall and his staff, conduct an Equine Therapy/Professional Development session for two different high school staffs of 40 + employees. I can honestly say that both experiences were the best trainings ever provided to myself and my employees.

    Rusty Holms - Millcreek High School
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