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Bob Baffert said, “Great horses change you.”

He’s right.

They destroy your ego. They make you understand that no matter what you know, you’ll never know enough or be enough to do it without them.

They change you from believing in God to knowing in God. That only He can bring flawed individuals together and create a masterpiece much greater than the separate parts. And that He will, when, and only when we prove ourselves worthy of the stewardship. That great accomplishment, be it horses or humans, is made up of teams that are in sync and mirror each other.

Great horses make you understand unconditional giving and fill you with the lesson of humbleness and gratitude. The only thing they expect in return – is breakfast.

H3 Pyramid - Elite Equine Therapy Training is a proven, evidence-based model for achieving real therapeutic results with equine therapy. H3 Pyramid is proven, not a reiterated hypothesis and generalities. H3 was developed, refined, tested, and proven over the span of 12 years. Our clients have achieved amazing results - we know that you will too.