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Mike Randall - H3 Equine Therapy Training

Mike Randall

Co-Founder, Equine Specialist


My journey with horses helping humans started when I was a child. In the late 1970s my parents were going through a divorce and as the oldest of three children I was caught in the middle. I discovered that being around horses was a way for me to cope, to find relief from the hard parts of life. As an adult, I took up professional horse training and started using my own experiences with horses to help others. In 1995 I began a head-coaching career at the high school level that would last 20 years, but everything always came back to horses. I started working in residential treatment in 2005. There were days I would work with multiple therapists and their clients in group, individual and family therapy, then coach 60 kids in sports at the high school. I worked closely with some great therapists to develop an equine program and philosophy that keeps clients engaged in changing their own lives for the better. Now, after using the h3 model with hundreds of clients, I feel it is time to share it.

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We are proud to invite you to be a part of a new advancement in equine assisted psychotherapy. H3 is a new model for equine therapy and is over 12 years in the making. It was developed out of necessity. Specifically, it was developed out of a need for an equine model that could meet the needs of both short term and long-term treatment goals of teens in residential care.  What was discovered was the intersection between horsemanship and mental health.