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H3 Equine Therapy Training
“There is a critical need to understand the mechanisms behind horse-human interactions in order to understand the motivations of the horse.” Source: A Canadian study to examine the responses of therapy horses to mentally traumatized humans has found that horses respond more to physical cues from people than emotional cues.  The study Behavioural and physiological responses of...
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Most commonly known as equine-assisted therapy, the use of horses for therapeutic purposes has increased significantly in recent years. Source: FARIBAULT, Minn., August 3, 2018 ( – “The process as we know it today was first developed in Europe in the mid-1940s,” reveals Suzette Belgarde, an equestrian expert, and advocate of equine-assisted therapy from Faribault, Minnesota. Belgarde goes...
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Source: Written by EHC This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.16 “I have spent most of my life around horses. When I was growing up, my family farmed. We put our crops in and out with horses. Horses have always been a part of my life,” said Ray Hunt in his opening...
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Dominance, force, punishment, and “alpha” status are popular themes in horsemanship. Yet profound results are achieved when the human stops perceiving himself as superior to the horse and explores partnership instead of dominance, willing cooperation instead of force, guidance instead of punishment, and mutual respect instead of “alpha” status. Natural Horsemanship Source: Horses and...
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Bob Baffert said, “Great horses change you.” He’s right. They destroy your ego. They make you understand that no matter what you know, you’ll never know enough or be enough to do it without them.
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